Top Digital Product Ideas To Make Money While You Sleep

The above sentence must have definitely tempted you into reading this article. You must be thinking how is it even possible for a person to make money while he/she sleeps. Your thoughts would somewhat be like this, I work a full shift to earn bread and this article tells about making money while dozing off? Must be spam? Don’t worry about it; digital product ideas have got your back. Ready to discover something new?

Before starting you must know what digital products are.

Digital products are rather self-explanatory; products that are made digitally and even sold digitally. There is no need to produce anything physically. Digital products are economical as they require zero to minimal costs to start the production process. Most of the time you only need a stable internet connection and an operating device like a computer, laptop, or even your smartphone. You can generate a good amount of money; you may call it your side income with the help of digital products.

Let’s have a look at the top digital product ideas that we have in our list-

1. Guides or tutorials

If you have a deep understanding and knowledge of a particular topic you can definitely use this to make some extra money. You can start making a video, audio, or written guides and tutorials. These guides and tutorials have to be detailed and understandable to approach a wider audience.

2. Fonts

If beautiful handwriting is your strong set, you should definitely try a hand at making fonts. Unique fonts always have a demand in the market and you can stay in business and expand without worrying too much. The Internet has various places where you can develop fonts such as Adobe Illustrator or even Photoshop and sell those on websites like Creative market or Myfonts.

3. Stock Vectors and Animations

If you have creativity, then you can start creating vectors and animations. Selling Vectors has become one of the popular digital product ideas. Create various animations as per the subject ideas FREE of COST on platforms like Canva or Photoshop and sell them to various business organizations as per their requirement.

4. Workshops/Webinars

Workshops are just online guides and tutorials but they focus on one topic and if you don’t wish to host an entire tutorial you can prepare to host a workshop. They are often referred to as webinars. Once a webinar is recorded they can be used by a huge number with just limited edits at regular intervals. To help the workshop gain more audience you can promote it through social media ads and even earn extra money by having ads in between.

5. Mobile apps development

Mobile app development is one of the popular digital product ideas. With the help of development tools like Buildfire it’s now much easier to build apps as per the user’s requirement. You can also create your own small apps with free and paid features and host them on the AppStore/ play store. the only thing you need to do is update the app regularly and make money.

6. Home Design Blueprints

If you have a creative side that loves to plan homes and like construction stuff. You can try your hand at creating home design blueprints in PDF and sell. You will have to purchase apps/software but you will quickly regain that amount and much more than you invested. May your big or small it will be useful to someone and you can sell your idea without any difficulties. To start, you can use Roomsketcher for free to design interiors online.

7. Printables

Printables are very unique digital product idea as it would require your inputs in a different way.

8. Templates

Various websites use custom made templates but you can provide your own designed templates to earn large amounts of money. People require templates for PowerPoint, Excel sheets, and various other apps. You can create your own templates and sell those on free websites like Creative market or even Sendowl.

9. Online courses

One can easily create online courses and make money by selling them. Even if online courses have already established their shoes in the market, there is always a demand for new and unique content. The course could be recorded or could be live, could audio, video, written, or even a combination of all the three. You can use the popular platforms like Udemy or Skillshare to register and publish your courses.

10. B-roll footage

B-roll footages are used for making eye-catchy storytelling through videos. These short clips are very easy to make and you can even shoot them on your smartphones. You need to keep expanding your portfolio by creating various B-rolls shots in every scenario to help you gain more customers. One of the popular places to sell is Shutterstock. You can look for other alternatives online.

11. E-books

Make your inner author shine by using one of the trending digital product ideas of writing your books. You can publish your e-books on internet platforms like Amazon KDP or audiobooks on audible. There are various platforms that will help you to find the correct audience who would appreciate your work. Apart from that, you can even publish your researches and journals and make money online.

12. Photography

Photos are required by nearly every organization to make their work look more likable to their audience. You can use this digital product idea to your advantage. To start, you may not need all those high-end DSLRs. Just start with your smartphone and publish your photos on platforms like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock, even you can create your own website. You’ll need to expand your skills and portfolio to gain more customers.

13. Website themes

Many websites prefer to have their own themes which are rather vibrant and the regular themed ones. This opens a window to use your creativity to use to create successful digital product ideas. Many platforms are available that help you develop free website themes like Themeforest, Wix, Squarespace.

14. Membership sites

You can create your own membership site for any product/service/knowledge with a click of a button. A platform where you can drip feed content for your targeted subscribers. You can sell your content after specific intervals of time and charge membership fees to your audience. The more relevant the more support it will gain from the audience.

15. Plugins / Extensions

If coding is your passion, then you can develop add-on features for any platform. You can sell the plugins or extensions for a good amount. Plugins and Extensions have enormous demand on the internet. One of the best marketplace for selling your plugins can be Codecanyon.

16. Commercial music

You can sell music effects and music beats on various platforms like hooksounds.

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